Why Franchise with SW's Donut Mill

Simple business model that is diversified across retail and wholesale. Low refrigeration required. A fresh new Brand with open territory in prime high traffic areas.

Our Job (as your business partner) is focused on 2 Objectives everyday ......

1) Drive as many customers to your store everyday:

SW© Donut Mill's contagious draw for Customers

  • Customers look forward to an "experience" picking their chosen donut from 50+ varieties daily.
  • We fill the box! Our Donuts are big and fill a dozen box.
  • A dozen costs less than $10.00 out the door.
  • Consistent donut "Specials" drive customer excitement and enthusiasm, creating a "did you try it yet" phenomenon .....
  • New products are a continuous improvement cycle such as muffin and coffee varieties
  • Speed to order, pay, and depart is improving via technology implementation and process improvement

2) Help Franchisees drive topline sales and maximize profit

  • Maximize customer satisfaction
  • Standardize product quality, portion control, and production
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Leverage technology solutions
  • Lean supply chain efficiency and drive cost control